Centrala’s Synchronicity 2

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Centrala project concept

Words by Jakub Szczesny

Public Water Purification Island started with a paradoxical conclusion, that, even though last twenty years are visible evidence of a common effort (not only of Poles being caught in a grand geopolitical typhoon) many of us don’t actually believe in any influence we might have on reality. One of the uncheangable things, or even taboos, is the pollution of Vistula, the last unregulated big European river.

Polluted by industry, agricultural and urban residues and chemicals it has become in a common imagination a space, where medieval creatures only wait [sic] to bite off fingers of the uncaring.

Island is in fact a propaganda tool serving as visualization of common effort. Thanks to pressure produce by nine fitness machines on which Warsawers can work-out, dirty water is pumped up to four tanks “armed” with sand, carbon and inversed osmosis filters and a UV lamp that clean the water to a degree in which it becomes drinkable.

Newly produced fresh water falls into a basin placed in the middle of the island putting on evidence the common success of process participants.

For now, a complex executive design was developed by a team of engineers, and a producer assigned by Fundacja Bec Zmiana [Bec Zmiana Foundation] is “pushing” the project through a number of municipal and regional agencies for final approval.

Thanks to Centrala for the photography and other images.

Synchronicity Island by Jakub Szczesny