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Wonderwood, Leeds

Espace d'agrément

Traverser les frontières En repensant les zones négligées de la ville avec esprit et créativité, les fondateurs d'Amenity Space basés à Londres, Tony Broomhead et Nicky Kirk, apportent également de l'humour et un amour de l'architecture et…

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Spanish group Basurama wants to change attitudes to trash, and since starting up in 2001 at the Superior Technical School of Architecture in Madrid, the group has exported its gusto…

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Walking House par N55


Dutch collective N55's Walking House invites visitors to take a look at their “own way of living, and how you spend your life, how you behave towards other people and presents…

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Luminale lighting exhibition.


Led by textile designer and research fellow at Central Saint Martins, School of Art and Design, London, Rachel Wingfield and artist Mathias Gmachl, set up Loop.pH in 2003.A London-based arts and…

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