Exposição Carbon Counts, uma nova mentalidade para combater as mudanças climáticas

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Exposição Carbon Counts no Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios em Londres. Foto: C Edward Bishop
Designed to stimulate discussion around making building construction more sustainable, the Carbon Counts exhibition seeks to foster greater collaboration to reduce the amount of carbon emitted over the life of a building.
It also seeks to bring about a change in thinking about the whole building process. And doing this collectively is seen as the way forward.

The exhibition, located in UK architecture firm Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios’ (FCBStudios) London gallery space, has also formed the backdrop for a series of events, including talks, workshops, and a PechaKucha with speakers working in various fields. Both exhibition and events look to promote and share know-how and experience about how to make the start-to-finish life of a building more sustainable.

Ian Taylor, FCBStudios, Liverpool in 2020

Interview with Ian Taylor, Managing Partner at FCBStudios

Ian Taylor discusses the rationale for working collectively and what makes for a successful collaboration.

On show are several building materials, including concrete, limestone, glass, copper and brick, displayed in orange circular shelf-like holes cut out of a series of column-like structures – totems, called this because they are one thing representing something else.

Having the same volume as 1kg of CO2, each totem represents the same volume of COemitted by the manufacture of the piece of material on display.

The question being asked is how to reduce the amount of embodied carbon, the CO2 emitted on a building project – when producing materials, during the building process, and when demolishing a building.

Although the exhibition focuses on carbon, FCBStudios also recognises that pollution, water use, biodegradation of extraction sites, and working conditions are also important factors to address in the industry’s campaign against climate change and to make industry-wide improvements overall.

FCBStudios' Carbon Counts video

Carbon Counts exhibition. Until March 27, 2020. FCBStudios London gallery space, Twenty Tottenham Street, London, W1T 4RG.